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Story Telling

Storytelling is used to awaken the imagination, build vocabulary and oral language. It helps to retain the attention and to teach subjects such as mathematics, history, geography, social studies, writing and reading.


Our teaching methods emphasise on nature and environmental stewardship. Children spend time outside, exploring the world around them, gaining a deeper understanding of science and nature studies

Real Life

Children learn to see connections between what they are learning at school and what is happening in the real world. We believe knowledge cannot be restricted in textbooks and must be taken beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Main Lessons

Main lessons include all core subjects. These are taught in detail with activities and experiments, thereby allowing children to gain a deep and personal relationship with the material, retaining it longer.

Experiential Learning

Children will learn by engaging themselves and learn by doing and by reflecting on their experience.

Inquiry based learning

Children will learn by making real world connections through exploration and high level questioning.

Modelling and Scaffolding

Children will be provided with models and work examples which will help them to learn and to solve problems faster.

Differentiated Learning

Children will learn with tailored instructions as per their learning needs, where all the students will have the same learning goals but the instruction would vary based on student’s interests, preferences, strength, and struggles.


Foundation Years (Nur- Grade II)

In the Foundation year’s program, we encourage wonder and joy in the young child through the warmth and beauty of the classrooms, toys, the Arts, outdoor environment and our natural setting. Our environment is welcoming and caring; our daily and weekly routines include literacy, numeracy, environmental science, cooking, painting, handwork crafts, water play and discovery, games, outdoor play and housekeeping chores. All of this promotes the healthy growth of the child’s body, spirit and mind. Through circle activities and stories, children learn a variety of social and practical skills.

Preparatory Stage (Grade III-V)

Our curriculum provides a rich variety of subjects and activities for students, all taught in harmony with the different stages of child development. Our students emerge with knowledge, courage, enthusiasm, creativity and a solid sense of how to reason. They meet the world ready to face life’s challenges.

Middle Stage (Grade VI & VII)

Our curriculum will provide basics of Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Arts, Humanities and experiential learning will be provided to improve the skill of our children. At this stage more abstract concepts, greater critical thinking and aspiration for life will be provided to the children.

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